Sunday, September 17, 2006

Daddy time.

Sometimes, there's nothing quite like a quiet Sunday morning. Coffee in one hand and family in the other.This is probably my favorite time of year in San Diego. The early part of fall is awesome here; the weather is usually warm, with a bit of cool in the breeze, the morning clouds/ marine layer (fog) usually burns off early and the skies become that perfect cloudless blue that people see in post cards.

After having the chance to get out for a ride yesterday (a rare event on the weekend for me), it was great to get out with my daughter and the dog while my wife slept in. Next Sunday morning, before the sun comes up, I'll be driving a gigantic rental truck to Las Veags for our big tradeshow. I'll be gone for a week, working hard, long days and staying out too late. Yes, I love the show and always have a great time, but I also miss my family very much because they are what I do all of this crazy stuff for in the first place. I love my job, I love this industry and I love the sport of cycling itself, but work is work and a job is still something that takes a lot out of you and eats up the bulk of your life. Family is where it is at for me and I am blessed.It's good to be lucky some days.

(PS- Thanks to Changuito for the camera that made the pics you see possible- you rock dude!)


JC's said...

Boy time flies by. My little girl isn't so little anymore and she is growing like a weed. All I can say is enjoy the time we spend with them cause it doesn't last long.

Hope all is going good, In my prayers,
Jeremy Grimm

Ann Handley said...

Nice perspective, Tim. Yesterday was my own dad's birthday. Unfortunately he's been gone for a while now, but it was nice to read your post yesterday and think of him and "Daddy time." Thanks!

Donna Tocci said...

Nice post, Tim. Glad you got a chance to relax on a Sunday with your family (doggie included!).
See you soon in Vegas

James said...

Cool Tim. That is what it is all about.