Friday, September 29, 2006


Well it is the last day of the show now. Sadly, I have been unable to get a working wireless connection for my laptop (ithout spending a fortune), so I am using the wonderful internet cafe set up by the folks from Interbike. Without this, I'd have no idea ho wonderful my Masiwife has been in my absence (thanks honey for making a bike nerd feel pretty special).

Yes, I've been in heaven here. Hanging out with Bob Roll, trying to drink a beer in the squashed coziness of the Sinclair Imports party, meeting lots of fello bloggers, etc. I'm having a great time here... but I'm also getting beat up by the standing and walking and the talking... my voice is nearly gone as is the usual case here.

The show has been onderful for me and Masi both. I am not exagerrating (and I never do Honey) hen I say that this is the best Interbike I have had with the brand. Masi is poised to blow some folks out of the water. Things look really good; dealers are really getting excited by the bikes and I am really excited about the possibilities.

I've gotta run for no and get the booth ready for the throngs again. I'll have pictures as soon as I can get a good enough connection for the computer.

Thank you to you all for the great support and all the well wishes and comliments- you are really a great audience and I am glad that some of you even find some sort of value in hat I do.



SickBoy said...

So can we expect a track natz appearance next week?

George said...

Tim, I think your "W" key is broken.

JP said...

Tim, your blog is great. Please keep it up. After buying a Masi because it was a great ride, your blog makes my experience better. I get to know about the firm and what its values are. And, as George said, I think your W key is broken.

Rich said...

The W isnt broken, Timmy is intoxicated!! And Hekman better bet gettin those Alist models at the sinaclir party!

changuito said...

Fixed Gear Gallery seemed to be impressed with the Coltello and Speciale Fixed. Those bikes rock!

Good Job as always Tim


changuito said...

One more thang, the Tuesday night fixie rides start up again this week. 7:30 from Adams avenue bikes...I'll lead you out ;)