Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Daily Drive- ARGH!

Well, no pictures to show today... although I did take several.

You might remember my previous ongoing saga of computer crashes. Well, I got a new HP laptop yesterday and now I have a much more stable system to operate with- YEAH ME! BUT... it doesn't have an integrated media card reader and for some reason it won't pull the images off the camera with the USB cable. So now I am trying to figure this all out... and I'm NOT a computer guy, so it is painful. So we find ourselves in a position where I am at least temporarily unable to show you my socks or my goofy head. DAMN!

For the record though, I am wearing cool socks today- Kegger.

Also, I will be traveling with my sales rep, Dennis Barrett, in Los Angeles tomorrow. So there might not be any posting until Friday. Don't run off thinking I've abandoned the place because I haven't. I'll be back... and hopefully with pictures too.



WRW said...

Did you say require a 'computer guy'?
1) Insure BOTH (computer and camera) products have FULLY charged batteries.
Notice, This affords correct USB (sensing) operation.
2) Check for INSTALLED, product specific, 'computer to camera' software. (Often termed 'drivers'.)
Enjoy ...

gianandrea said...

get a mac: plug and play!!

gianandrea said...

get a mac: plug and play!!

gianandrea said...

get a mac: plug and play!!

Fritz said...

Macs are so easy to use giandrea had to post three times! The windows thing should be plug-and-play too.

I'm uploading a video response to Grahl's Daily Drive to YouTube right now :-)

gianandrea said...

one was for mac, one for plug and on for play. this adsl line sucks. and i'm working on a video too. tim, you must open a new blog.

masibestfriend said...

i'm not going to even say anything...... ok, get a mac, as in true plug and play [i have yet to download a driver in OS 10.4, i have [3] different cameras and a camera phone [bluetooth] and iPhoto recognizes all of them, which leaves time to go ride, now isn't that what we all want?]

Anonymous said...