Saturday, February 16, 2008

Catalog photo shoot day

Since I was out of the office almost the entire week with a sick Princess (she's feeling much better today, thank you), we had to do one of our catalog shoots today.

We walked to a local cafe near my home, St. Tropez Bakery & Bistro, and shot some nice, simple "lifestyle" pics. Our Creative Director, Pete Demos, did the photo work and his lovely better-half, Amber, accompanied me in the photos. The Princess came along for the shoot and managed to ham her way into the day (of course)... but I'm not complaining.

More sneak peek images for you later... promise.



matt said...

The Princess is looking a lot happier today then the sofa picture earlier this week!

Kk said...

Pretty cute date you got there to go with your Orangina!

stickboy said...

Funny how daughters can wrap us around their little finger. Glad she is getting better.

Donna T. said...

What a cute photo! It's good to see the smile back on her face. :)