Friday, February 22, 2008

Hello AMA!

Hello to the AMA! See you in a few hours.

Very much looking forward to sharing ideas, thoughts and experiences with you all.



Dana VanDen Heuvel said...

Tim! Dude, super-blogger we're here waiting for you. Can't wait!

Harry L. said...

Hi Tim,

Some time back you posted about recieving a set of Sram DoubleTap Flatbar shifters to test, and you really loved them?

Two things:

1) Would it be possible for you to take some more photos of them, including some of the front shifter?

2) I've had a pair on order since December so far, and it's rather holding up my build. :( Do you have any idea whatsoever as to when these will be available publically? The UK distributor has no clue themselves :S

Thanks so much!