Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Still sick...

The Princess is still sick. Fortunately, the pediatrician is convinced that it isn't either pneumonia or the flu. Just a bad cold with a fever... but the fever is sticking around. Looks like another day working from home tomorrow and another trip to the doctor's office.

The good news is that her appetite is coming back... which is also part of the bad news, since it means that the ever-evolving-menu will be back in full force. Chef Daddy, reporting for duty!

I know I owe you some podcasts and some video stuff as well and it will be coming in the near future... promise.

Ok, back to being Doctor Dad- the patient is beckoning for my assistance.



Amy said...

Hi Tim...
Amy here, Chloe's Mom...I don't have your new email so I am resorting to the comment section here !!
Chloe misses Katie so much...We are so sorry to hear she is still sick. Chloe had a similar thing that kept her out for a week...big bummer.
Did you know that there is no school tomorrow..(Friday) ? We were wondering if Katie will be able to make Noelle's Party at Skate World? Email me if you can

Donna Tocci said...

I'm sad that Katie is still sick...that's such a bummer. I hope that she felt better enough to have a good day with her special valentine (you, of course).