Saturday, November 01, 2008

Can you feel the love?

So today we cruised around to a couple of new Masi dealers here in Taipei and hanging out at a cool coffee shop/gallery/ bike space place. It was great to see a few Masi bikes "in the wild"!

Even in Taipei, the SoulVille is a popular bike! This shops sold one of the Antique Beige mixte bikes to a guy who has one of the Speciale Fixed in Shamrock Green on order. Very cool indeed.

Speaking of Speciale Fixed... check out the one the same shop customized for the window display... sweet!

This is the front of the Frog Cafe- it's a coffee shop, gallery, special event venue and bang "hang out". It's a very cool spot in the heart of Taipei.

Gotta love the simple logo- I tried to get a picture of the one that looks like a guy on a bike, but it didn't come out well enough to tell what it was.

This shop was displaying a pre-production sample of the Mini-Velo, taking pre-delivery orders from consumers. Very cool!

More to come, but now it's time for sleep!



Edface said...

The things I would do for that mini velo mate.


Mark Villegas said...

Hey, I was just flew out of Taipei on the same day you arrived; I'm in Tokyo for a week before I return home to Seattle. Too bad I didn't know about the bike shop with the Masi mini. I'd have loved to check one out. But I'm hot for a mini velo RIGHT NOW, so I might pick up one (not a Masi--apologies) before I head to NRT.

If Masi ever wants to market a mini in the states, let us know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim

What is the street address of this bike shop? Also, head down to the cnr of NanKing (NanJing) and DunHua where the new baseball stadium is and diagnolly opp IKEA... there is quite a big fixie corwd that head there most nights. Great photos to be had and cool guys.