Monday, November 17, 2008

More pictures from Japan, Tokyo Cycle-Mode

More pictures and a little commentary from my recent trip to Tokyo;

Yep, that bottom shelf has a complete and unused Campy 50th group in it... I was slobbering on myself when I saw it last year in this same shop (that now carries Masi)- Friend Bike Shop.

This was possibly my favorite bike sighting in Tokyo. I saw it last year, riding by me before I could get my camera out. This year I caught it in repose. I LOVE utility bikes. I love what Surly and Kona have done with their long wheelbase cargo bikes, but this is really cool with the sidecar. I would love to do a cool cargo bike with Masi... so you never know what you might see in the future.

This is so cool! I love the cool motorcycles and scooters they have running the steets of Japan. This old Suzuki was just too cool to walk by without getting a photo- I love the modern rettro lines of it.

This thing... Batman's water ferry. I mean... it's really cool.

Rin Project- some of the coolest of Japanese urban uber hip design. Dig the modern hairnet helmets! I need to get in touch with these guys and get a hook up!

Tomoni is another of the really, really cool urban gear brands. The bags, etc, were incredible. Really amazing stuff... and I just had to refrain myself from buying one of everything.

Here is the same chef at teppenyaki that we had last year; it was an honor to sit as his grill again. AND... it was exceptionally delicious again! I was actually lucky enough to eat at the same great sushi restaurant, the same great teppenyaki grill and the same great tempura restaurant; yes, I am way beyond a little spoiled.

I really, REALLY want both of these helmets. They are so cool- total carbon fiber shell for lightweight and strength. I've always been a fan of the OGK helmets and these were spectacular. They had a full line of road helmets that were also really great. But these two are on my short list of "must have" helmets for track races. Now I need to befriend somebody at OGK!

That's it for tonight. I have tons more, but my eyes are crossing and I need to get some sleep. More to follow... promise.



Yokota Fritz said...

Groovy stuff. I'm not sure I can picture a Masi cargo bike, but if anybody can pull it off it's you.

Anonymous said...

I REALLY NEED to find the RIN Project ! I really want a Big Black Hairnet with a brim. I saw em at Cycle Paradise. But they were all too small of course. Any help on the nearest train station and what direction from it ?
Also what is the biggest frame on the Masi Mini Velo ? I am almost going to get the Bianchi 55 cm. But if the Masi is bigger...