Monday, November 24, 2008

Masi in the Huffington Post

This article by Waylon Lewis first showed up in the online publication Elephant Journal, but has also now popped up in the Huffington Post! HuffPo is one of the premiere online news publications, so getting a mention there is pretty cool.

So if you didn't check it out before, give it a read now! As I mentioned in my post over on the Company Website, it isn't all perfect and glowing, but I'll take it!

Thanks Waylon, thanks Elephant Journal and thanks Huffington Post!



Waylon Lewis said...

Not perfect and glowing? True, I's also true that Masi

beat out all other contenders

in my list for elephantjournaldotcom and huffington post. It's also true that the proof's in the pudding—I bought one last week (and switched out the hub for my Nexus 8 gear hub, and am now adding hand brakes. The saddle's right hard, but loving the ride so far.

Want to help get the word out? Comment on the Huffington Post article, and if they get enough comments they'll push my article back onto the home page, where it (and Masi) will get prime time attention.

blue squirrel said...

there's nothing premiere nor news worthy on or about a political website like the huffington post. especially when they spuee out hate, disguised as commentary or news. i hope next you won't tell me that is a legitimate news source.