Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Almost like a day off... almost.

I was gonna excuse myself from posting tonight, but my new found drive is forcing me to try...

I spent the entire day at a seminar on managing multiple tasks and projects. I need the help, for sure, so it was a good experience. Many of the things they teach in classes like this would fall into the "common sense" category, but for some reason as humans we tend to ignore such things until somebody else says "you should be doing this___". Creativity is my strong suit. Organization is not. Needless to say, I further recognize the need to get better at organization after today.

The seminar was just 2.5 miles from my home, so after I dropped my daughter off at school, I drove home and then rode my SoulVille to the hotel for the seminar. It was so awesome to be on a bike on a gorgeous day, passing stopped cars in traffic... usually my commute consists of an hour-long drive. I didn't get to ride for fitness today, so being able to have two short commute rides was a pretty nice consolation prize.

Be on the lookout soon for a special guest interview here. I hinted at it the other day, but it's soon to become a reality. Exclusive content in only the way you would expect from me... so it will hopefully be fun. I know I am looking forward to it, big time!

Also, I'm still thinking up a contest. Maybe even two. Since I have the company site blog to work with as well, might have the "big one" (bike frame?) there and then a smaller one (t-shirt?) here. Who knows... maybe I'll even autograph the t-shirt for the winner... maybe.

Ok, stay tuned for more great goodness and Masi-geekery. I have plenty of the latter...


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