Saturday, April 08, 2006

M'Aussie! M'Aussie! M'Aussie! OY! OY! OY!

Just a tiny, brief note...

Just returned from Australia a few hours ago and took a little nap. The jetlag is a killer after such a long flight and no sleep. Unfortunately, there was an infant on the flight who cried/ screamed/ howled/ wailed for the entire flight- I kid you not. The poor little thing only slept for about an hour of the flight, so it made for a very long flight from Sydney.

I will have more stories and pic's soon, but let me just say this; I could live in Australia. It's an incredible place and I hope you'll visit some day. The best bacon this Southern boy has ever had, incredible seafood, incredible all food (the best Ceasar salads ever), great people and that great Aussie spirit. I've found another home...

Time to go be with my family after two weeks away.



Donna Tocci said...

Welcome back, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

Of course Australia is a great place to live,just ask us. Was good to meet you,and glad you enjoyed your ride on the Dunc Gray velodrome. Hope we chat soon and say hi to one and all for me.
Rik Fulcher