Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Place your order now! Masi 3V steel reproductions are done!

The photos in the previous post tell the tale of the product, but here is the rest of the story...
After a long wait, the frames are finally here and are ready to be ridden and adored for the works of art they are. History is repeating itself, in the best of possible ways!

These frames, all 25 (yes, only 25) were made locally here in SoCal by Ted Kirkbride (who was handpicked by Faliero Masi to run Masi California and was the former owner of the brand) and Russ Denny (who did apprentice work with Masi California and is a well respected framebuilder). The frames were all painted by Cyclesmith (who painted bikes for Masi California) and use the original decals from the 80's. The lugs are the original lugs made in the 80's- not reproductions. The tubing is Dedacciai tubing.

Ted personally selected the Henry James compact horizontal drop outs and fork tips. There is no front derailleur braze-on, so you can have more options with drivetrain selection. The rear spacing is 130mm to accommodate a modern drivetrain, though the frame can work with an older drivetrain, since steel yields well to squeezing to fit the narrower spacing.

The fork is 1" and comes unthreaded so that you have the option of using a threadless headset or having threads cut into the steerer tube so that you can use a standard headset and quill stem (for you purists).

Seatpost diameter is 27.2, so go find your old Record post or SR Laparade, if you're saving your pennies.

Here is what I've got; (by the time you read this, some of these will already be sold)
2/ 50cm
3/ 52cm
5/ 54cm
5/ 56cm
5/ 58cm
3/ 6ocm
2/ 62cm

(I'm working on a full sizing/ geometry chart for the frames, but the top tubes run shorter than the seat tubes- the original sizing. Example- 58cm has 56.5cm top tube length.)

These highly collectible beauties are going to fly out of here- I predict within 2-3 weeks- so go see your local retailer and place an order ASAP.

The MSRP* is $1750 for the frame and fork.

These frames are going to vanish quickly and when they are gone- they are gone. I don't even get one. I have to wait until we do the next reproduction frameset (which I hope to do once a year or every other year, in very limited numbers like this). All 25 frames are in stock now (outside of any that have sold already) and can be shipped immediately.

Now is the chance to own a little piece of cool history.

*MSRP means Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. This price may vary from dealer to dealer due to freight costs, special order fees, frame prep, etc. Some retailers may even sell the frames for less than the MSRP, especially if you give them a 6 pack of good beer or bring a pizza when you go to pay for it...


Bernie said...

Start your stopwatch... how fast are these things gonna sell out?

Anonymous said...

russ denny.

good people.

ask him about the time super rookie stayed in his rv at the wall mart parking lot during the world track championships....

last time i knew there was a lot of damage in that thing!!!

russ is a great builder...only natural he is making those...

Donna Tocci said...

Tim Jackson and Russ Denny collaborating...it's got to be good!

4x4 Champ '07,'08,'09 said...

I just don't need to see this type of porn.

Anonymous said...

wha'ts the TT and HT on the 52? or where can the geometry be found?

Anonymous said...

who the hell do you contact to get one???

Anonymous said...

How can i get one of these framesets?


Anonymous said...

These look very nice. One question, though. Since NOVA cycle supply still has 1010b dropouts, and richard sachs offers roughly the same thing from the company in italy that built 1010b dropouts, why the henry james dropouts?

I personally am not all that enamored with the aesthetics, and aesthetics are #1 concern on MASI framesets.

Anonymous said...

Though the construction is intriguing, I don't quite like the color scheme. Will they be in other colors?

Anonymous said...

What about springs for this construction?

Unknown said...


Hi. Not sure how to email you. I could not find your email anywhere.

I found one of these in a shop (masi 3v painted just like this). I am ready to jump on it BUT can you let me know what the head and seat angles were on the 50?

Hope this gets to you.