Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A little different...

House-sitting for my mom and step-dad as they go on a second honeymoon to celebrate their 20th anniversary. I'm very happy for them and am excited that they are getting to do this.

With them being gone though, I'm having to work from their PC, as I am unable to get online with my own computer. So I'm using a keyboard I'm not used to and a computer that seems to be mad at me. I'm going to try to figure out how to get my laptop to work here, but so far... it's not looking good.

That said, blog posting might be a little on the light side, which stinks with the Tour starting on Sunday- this could impact my daily coverage of the stages. So far, it seems like you folks want me to do the daily coverage like year's past... so I'm leaning towards it (sorry to those of you who voted that you would prefer I just keep my mouth shut).

Tomorrow I will be working on a photo shoot of a new bike in the line. A very good friend of mine will be the model with the bike. Should be fun- it's a sexy bike and my friend photographs well, so it will hopefully work. The catalog is coming together and promises to be as sexy as ever.

Ok, I'm getting cross-eyed from this headache that's brewing out of the tension in my neck and shoulders. I'm pulling the plug and heading to bed.



Smelley said...


If you'd have had a choice in your TdF poll that said: "I'd love to hear Tim's take on the Tour so I'm voting yes, but I also realize he's still recovering from the track crash from hell and has a partially eff-ed up thumb so it will probably be more typing than he should be doing on top of his day job so I'm voting yes, but maybe he really has some unique insight, especially in light of his recent Tour commentary, so I'm voting yes, but maybe he's really burning the candle at both ends and if it's one or the other I'd rather see him post secret snaps of upcoming Masi goodness and dish on Masi and life in general than the Tour, so I'm voting no," then I think that choice would have topped the poll.

I say, we'll take what we can get. You have a big and loyal readership. We'd love your take, and will take as much as you feel is appropriate, but we're in this for the long haul, so don't push so hard you compromise your health.

Oh, and behind the scenes shots from that photo shoot? Yeah, we'd like 'em.

Sascha said...

just bring your wireless router over and plug it into their broadband port. Or borrow an extra one from a nerdy friend.

Anonymous said...

"BICYCLING just confirmed my choice of CONTI GP4000 as the clincher tire of choice for 'real world' riding."
After debuting such wares within local 'road' competition then employing these during daily use this is observed TRUE!
Did I mention 'flat free' too ...
(NEVER walk your troubled bicycle or motorcycle, spend much less money on better walking shoes! :-)
No, I have no affiliation with described company.

Anonymous said...

Tim- I've been reading your blog since i began riding a Masi. Any chance we Masi riders will be able to buy snazzy Masi gear to wear in the future? Its great free advertising, and we pay for it. I can find nothing online and nothing in the LBS.