Sunday, May 17, 2009

Minneapolis; prepare

Got through the weekend with a ride on the rollers Saturday night and nice little ride in the dessert heat today (I thought I was gonna melt... or burst into flames). Ran some errands this evening and am now doing laundry and packing up my Speciale Fixed for the week in Minneapolis.

Hope to be in downtown Minneapolis by 5:00PM tomorrow, so I'm pretty stoked. Might gimme enough time to get to the hotel and get the bike put together so I can go for a little spin in the city.

Looks like the photo shoot is gonna come together nicely with a bunch of people volunteering to help make it a great week- again, I thank you.

Gotta get back to laundry, packing and getting the bike into the case. 4:30AM is gonna be here sooner than I would like!


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