Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Outdoor Demo East report... part one


So we flew into Rhode Island, via a plane change in Washington DC, on Monday morning. We ended up at the hotel in Providence probably around 7:00PM and got ourselves some dinner before getting some sleep. The flights were thankfully uneventful and we arrived with our luggage this year... no repeat lost luggage this time. We stayed in the same cool hotel in Providence, which happens to be in the midst of a very well-flavored Italian district. Needless to say, we had no bad meals during our stay.

Tuesday morning showed up quicker than expected, thanks to the three hour time difference and minor jetlag. But it was nothing that couldn't be cured by a donut and coffee from Dunkin Donuts... which we had EVERY morning while in Providence. Our area sales rep, Lance Cohen, picked us up in the morning and we left Rhode Island for the wilds of Connecticut! While in Connecticut, we had quality shop visits with Newington Bicycle, Biker's Edge and Smart Cycles. Each of the shops was a different experience and each had their own distinct personality. However- each was really cool to spend some time in.

One of the highlights of the first day, aside from the great conversations with each of the shops, was this little gem...We spotted this beauty at Biker's Edge and I was like moth to flame... it should go without saying that a large can of Whoop Ass is in my near future.

Next report will be about Rhode Island dealer visits and the start of the demo event itself, but I'm falling asleep again (stoopid jetlag...)


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FunkyLaneO said...

Love the Italian food in Providence, it's a pretty mobbed up town so the food has to be good ;-)
I love how they put the peppers in with the fried calamari. Did you pick up a bottle of Autocrat while you were there?