Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm divorcing 2010 and starting a fling with 2011!

2010 was looking a little worn out and bedraggled. Starting to show her age- a little junk in the trunk. A few too many grey hairs. Things a little lower than they once were.

But then 2011 came along and flashed a wicked smile. She's younger, true, but she's also smart, funny, compassionate... and HOT! Oh man, she's got an as... I mean, great personality. I think she's the one- I see a real future with her, one with great promise. I know we've only just met, but I just have a feeling about her... one that just escapes words.


Kidding aside, I wish all of you a fantastic new year that is filled with nothing that you don't want and all that you do. As for me, I plan to keep trying to be the best father and husband I can and try to grow and improve. Maybe fewer mistakes, but not if they come at the expense of learning, growing and gaining new experiences that make me a more complete person.

This past year has been one of many wonderful blessings, like the birth of my second daughter- Lily, and many other big and small things. This poor blog has been neglected, among other projects I've begun or tried to resurrect, but I am hopeful that 2011 will give me the clarity to focus better on the things that have thus far evaded my grasp.

I am blessed to have the people in my life that I do- from friends and family, to acquaintances, to colleagues, to the myriad of professional contacts and associates, to the athletes I work with... to each and every person who happens to stop by here from time to time to see what the hell I've been up to. Thank you all. Sincerely and from the bottom of my heart- I am blessed. Believe me, when things start to add up or burden me and make me search for happiness, I am always brought back to the myriad people in my life. So thanks. I am better because of you.

Here's to hoping that 2011 is a better year for us all- across the globe. It's a Piscean dream to pray for world peace and an end to hunger and strife, but dammit I can't help it. To all of you across the globe- Happy New Year 2011.

Thank you,


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