Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hooray for kindergarten!

I am a talentless hack compared to this guy...

Emil is a parent (Ren's dad) in my daughter's kindergarten class. I'm also damned sure that he and I know each other or have met each other long before sharing a kindergarten class with our kids and one of these days we'll figure it out (or somebody smarter than us will point it all out for us).

Anyway, Emil put together this awesome video tribute to the class and their teacher Morgan Weir. It's awesome and as anybody who reads this blog knows... I'm a softy, so the little video really hit home.

Thanks again Emil (and Morgan, if you happen upon this).



Amy said...

Hey Tim... (Chloe's Mom)..found you via Emil's Blog..isn't he the "Bomb". Anyhow, love your blog, really love Katie's Blog.. Love the way she speaks through her art. Chloe just yesterday was telling me she wanted to do a blog, or a scrapbook...I was putting some of her art up on my blog, but realize she needs her own venue...you have inspired me to get one going for her... Thanks... Hope to see you guys over the summer... :)

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Amy! SO happy to see you here and so happy to see your blog... I'll be back. I love the picture of Alan in the tent with the kids too- that's classic.

Hoping to see the girls get to play this summer- I know that Katie simply adores Chloe. Gee... what're you guys doing Thursday and Friday?

Can't wait to Chloe's blog develop!

Lewis said...

Thank you Tim (and Emil) for sharing. I love all the happy faces.

E'l Roy said...

Wow, thanks for the kind words, Tim! I had a great time putting that little vid together--I'd had it completed for a while, but kept it offline until I gave Morgan her own copy. Amy just told me Katie's got her own blog! That's so cool--soon, all our kids will have 'em. "All the cool kids are blogging, Dad."

You're right, one of these days we'll figure it out--or someone will figure it out for us!

erica said...

Hi Tim, I also found you through the amazing Emil's blog (this is Isaiah's mom btw)....our little blogging train just keeps getting longer and longer...and now with the kids too!! Isaiah just discovered blogs last night coincidentally (and he said "Other people can't see my baby pictures right mom?" "No," I said, "just the whole world!") Good to see you on here!
P.S. I love your post about Rainbow Bear. Congrats on finding her/him!

Anonymous said...

how about some updates on the boys at tour of ohio?