Monday, June 11, 2007

Rainbow Bear Update!

He was in her bed the whole time!

She woke up and came out while Daddy was making her lunch- as predicted- and flopped out on the couch... clutching her very best friend in the world.

Daddy feels like a total knob for having a meltdown... but I'm elated that Rainbow Bear has been reunited with the Princess.

Neither I nor my wife have a clue how he made it into her bed without us knowing. It's a Christmas miracle in June!

(Happy Monday!)


changuito said...

Yay!!!I wrote a comment last night about how cruel is was for you to put that last photo of the sad looking doe eyes, but didn't want to bum you out any further. That was your saddest post ever. We are all glad she found the bear.

Bernie said...

Whew... that's a load off. You had me near tears last night.

Donna Tocci said...

WHEW! I'm so happy to hear that MasiPrincess and Rainbow Bear are together again.

masibestfriend said...

if you ever do that again to me i will......

.... never sit-up again and let you beat me up hills or for that matter sit-up and let you win sprint points.

not cool.

James said...

Glad she found it. After a rough day apart, she probably appreciates her bear more than ever. She doesn't look ready to let go in the picture.

Fritz said...

Awwwww, how sweet.

wrw said...

"Appears time to consider methods for affixing rainbow bear to Masidaughter." :)

Gilby said...

I am happy to hear that Rainbow Bear is okay, and back in Princess's arms!!!

Ed W said...

My daughter had a special doll too. "Alice" was momma's doll when she was little and she passed her on to Lyndsay. We were on board an MD80 waiting to push back at the Pittsburgh airport when Lyndsay was horrified to discover that Alice was missing! With passengers boarding it was impossible to get off to search. I asked a flight attendant to call the gate and look for her. Moments before the door closed, a gate agent arrived with Alice in her arms. Lyndsay was greatly relieved.

And I did NOT have tears in my eyes! Lyndsay lies.

Richard said...

Doubly glad. Rainbow Bear was found and you visited our humble establishment.

I just wanted to say it was a real pleasure to meet you and I am very impressed with where the Masi line is going. I don't get to make the decisions but John, our manager, does respect my observations and judgement about where the "road bike" world is going.

Here's hoping that this is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship (isn't that what Bogie said to Claude Rains at the end of "Casablanca"?)

Just sign me up for a long term "demo." Anything, really. As long as it's made of steel!! And has Campy on it!!!

Richard at Bicycle Discovery

Toby said...

Tim - and to think that the MasiPrincess was having sweet dreams all the time. You are one sweet dad!

Lewis Green said...

Great story and photo Tim. Everyone should hug a Teddy.

Daivd (The FredCast) said...

I'm out of town this week and haven't been keeping up-to-date on my blogs (I know, shame on me). So when I read the first Rainbow Bear post, my heart sank. I have been in that exact position before and I know that, as a dad, you will do absolutely anything to get that beloved bear/rabbit/mouse back to your beloved daughter. It just breaks your heart.

So I was incredibly relieved for you and Masiprincess to hear that Masirainbowbear is safe and sound!

Remind me to tell you some time about my own international search (literally) for a certain brand and size of stuffed mouse.

Crprt said...

Hey Masiguy,

Totally unrelated to the specific post but, you seem to be the authority and I am lost here.

A geek-chic buddy of mine is lusting after the bright orange Masi Speciale Fixed (58 cm frame). His birthday is here and his girlfriend and I want to get it for him. I can't seem to find the darn thing ANYWHERE in Manhattan, or anywhere near Manhattan for that matter.

I see that your a Brand Manager of sorts for the company, can you help me out here?


Drew McLellan said...

Thank God! I can only imagine how panic stricken you were to have to break the news! This will teach me to comment before I have read all the posts I am behind!

I'm so glad you found her!