Friday, June 15, 2007

New Jersey cyclists unite!

If you live in the state of New Jersey, this is important to you;

The state legislature is trying to pass a new bill that would essentially make it illegal to sell a bicycle in the state with a front quick release. Thanks to frivolous lawsuits across the country where consumers have been injured by incorrect use of their quick release equipped bicycles, the sale of bicycles with a front quick release is now in serious danger.

If you live in the state of New Jersey or own a bike shop in the state, I highly recommend that you call your local assembly person and tell them that you do not support this bill.

The bill is #2686 and is sponsored by Paul Moriarty of District 4 (Camden & Gloucester), David Mayer of District 4 and Joan Voss of District 38 (Bergen).

Voice your opinion on this matter or lose the front quick release on your next bike!



Fritz said...

It's too late for the Assembly Bill -- it's already passed. The next step is to ensure this doesn't make it into the state Senate.

Note this bill is intended for children's bicycles but effects all bikes with small wheels (20" and smaller) such as 'bents and folders.

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Sadly, the language is ambiguous and leaves a lot of room for interpretation. The bill has not been written in a way that anybody can feel secure.

Fritz said...

Interesting comment at drunkcyclist that this legislating is pushed by Montague in an attempt to get some sales of their redundant QR design that nobody has adopted.

pelotonjim said...

Thanks! I'm in Jersey and I didn't even know about it!

wrw said...

Yet another 'legal' issue.
That said, bicyclists are entitled to a 'failsafe' quick release mechanism that would be standard fare.
Simply, manufacturers must correct this issue BEFORE legislated to do so!
Marketing 101 - RIDER SAFETY SELLS!
Note, I check my bicycle before and after each ride, amazed by how severe public roads treat your bicycle hardware.

blue squirrel said...

wrw is right, as in the rider is responsible for checking their equipment, not the manufacturer. how long have quick releases been on the market? safety is important, but i don't know of any 20" or smaller bikes with QR's. i am sure there are more important issues to be considered in the new jersey assembly. less government, more riding.

Jason said...


get out now
It all starts in Jersey.