Monday, June 04, 2007

Who is this girl?

If you know who this girl is, please let me know or get her in touch with me; I want to get her some Masi socks to say thanks for rocking the Speciale Fixed at the recent North American Cycle Courier Championships in San Francisco.

Please send her to tjackson (at) masibikes (dot) com...


Check out the really great photo album by Seng Chen... great pictures of the event.


Super Rookie said...

thats stephanie c.

from minneapolis.

you already featured her in a previous post.

behind-bars has her contact as she won the frame at Stupor Bowl.

best of all she is a working courier.

Chug said...

Do not listen to the Rookie. It is Stephanie S. , hey, same initials as my Steph, but I just call her little Steph.
She will be in contact soon.

Donna T. said...

Seng is a good photographer and super nice guy. I've known him for years. Glad you like his photos.