Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Steel revisited;

I knew there were some steel-lovers still out there.

Some answers to questions and comments;
I love lugs too. Lugless keeps the cost down though. Way down. Lugs are cool, but not cheap to work with. (More on this.)
The steel used is our own 4130 double butted chromoly. Not too fancy (meaning not air hardened), but relatively light, excellent riding and inexpensive.
Do we have plans to use lugs again? Yes. (See post from March 11th.) If I could, I would have a series of frames with hand filed and shaped lugs. Long point lugs with small cutouts, not too ornate (wasn't Faliero's style), and tubes selected individually for each location on the frame and for the rider buying the bike. But I can't... yet. Who knows what the future holds...

Steel-lovers, you are not alone. I am in love with steel too and I will always try to find ways to keep the torch burning (and brazing).



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check out my link to your site from my site. it is egregious!

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that should read- .html - at the end. wasupwidat? roadrash?

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