Friday, November 10, 2006

Daily Drive

You can not deny the power of a denim jacket- that's all I'm saying.

Today's SockGuy sock of choice (since I wear SockGuy socks every day); Dopers Suck.



Donna Tocci said... left us hanging yesterday. Does Masiwife like the new look?

Anonymous said...

Is that a 70's or 80's denim jacket? Dude you need to wear something a little less faded. Tell me what size you wear and I will see if I can hook you up with an A&F denim jacket.

Anonymous said...

You look like Billy Madison when he rolls into the parking lot for the first day of High School in his Trans-Am wearing his jean jacket and playing "The Stroke" on the radio. Nice.

Super Rookie said...

I met one of the new riders for A&F at a party tonight.

Thumbs up on the big BG signing!


I like the new look.

Anonymous said...

Me too .. I think you look cool and cute!

By the way I think the SockGuy needs a blog. .wink.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tim... but there is nobody alive that can successfully pull of a faded denim jacket.

And I'm with ya on the SockGuy socks everyday. Today is Martini!