Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mr. Moulton

In case you didn't see the comment from Dave Moulton in the comments of my post from last night, here it is;
Your post and Neil’s before it got me thinking that it was because of my father
that I got into bikes, and racing, which led to framebuilding.I will post the
story on my blog on Saturday as that is my late father’s birthday.

Just in case you don't know who Dave Moulton is, read this interview I did with him.

His book, Prodigal Child, is a great read and I recommend it to you.

Dave periodically stops by and drops a comment on a post and it always makes me smile. Dave is one of my framebuilding heroes. Having him comment here is a real thrill. I hope you'll take the time to remember to go visit his blog and give his book a read. And, if you've never looked at any of the frames he built over the years, you should do that too.

Thanks Dave.



:) said...

Yep. Dave is way cool. I have read some of his stuff over at where he posts pretty regularly.

Dave Moulton said...

Thanks for the plug, Tim.
Yes I have written about my father before, including much of it in my book Prodigal Child. Like most authors I mix fiction with real life experiences; it makes a story believable.
It has also been wonderful therapy for me; better to write that shit out than to hold it inside.