Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Daily Drive

A nice morning today... starting to feel a bit like Spring around here.

And an old favorite for the SockGuy sock dujour;

You know the expression; If the sock fits, wear it.

Out of respect for my colder weather friends, I will abstain from mentioning that it was 86 degrees during my ride yesterday and 78 today. That just wouldn't be nice.

(PS- More Taiwan pics and ramblings to follow soon.)


Anonymous said...

86 would be nice. I did a measly 2hrs at lunch and it took my feet teh better part of an hour to get feeling back. Of course I couldnt work during that period of time so i basically had a 3 hr lunch. Nice

Anonymous said...

I concur with Chad, thanks for the love. My commute ride yesterday and today were with wind chills well below zero... but I still got to ride so I ain't bitching!

Donna Tocci said...

10 degrees here in Massachusetts. I think it is going to get to 20 today. A heatwave!

Nice socks, but even nicer orange thinggie peeking out of your bag in the background... ;)

Anonymous said...

Alright Al, you talked me into it. Three days of no school...the last 7 days on the trainer...I'm going to brave the single digits today on the cross bike.

Camp can't come too soon.


Ian Stanford said...

Ya, it was 100 degrees colder here in Minnesota. Not too bad out except for your waterbottles freeze in under 30 seconds. Considering you can ride for about 30 seconds it is all perfect timing. I can't wait for Georgia.

dan23dan23 said...


What's the deal with the web page? Everything is out of whack!


Queen of Couth said...

I would guess the orange "thingy" is a lock because DMT commented on it, but at first I thought it was a "personal massager". :)
Yeah, a big NOT NICE BIG BROTHER FOR THE 86 DEGREES. There are other words I wanted to say, but I figgered you would 86 my whole post.
Thanks for your nice comments on the new site. . .

Peace Out