Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Calling all Minneapolis Masi owners!

Next week, May 18th to 22nd, I'll be in Minneapolis with our Creative Director- Pete Demos- working on photo and video projects for our next catalog and other marketing needs. If you're a Masi owner and you're in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area and would like to possibly be in the catalog or other photos used for the website, ads and other marketing areas let us know. Shoot me an email (address located in my blog profile info) or leave a comment here.

It doesn't matter what era Masi you have or what model- we're looking to simply add as much Masi love to the catalog and other areas as we possibly can.

We'd love to see you and your Masi if you're around during that time... so mark your calendar!

(Updated; Oh yeah- I need cool locating ideas as well, so email them to me if you have any good suggestions. Better yet- if you can email simple photos, that would be even more awesomer!)


Super Rookie said...

Oh, golly.

I don't know which one of my 4 Masi's to ride on the big date.

SickBoy said...

I know of 250m of afzelia that definitely need to be in your photo shoot...

Anonymous said...

Tim, I know nothing about the bike industry aside from working in some bike shops about a decade ago. Can you explain to me how a belt drive bike would retail for $900. I understand the frame has to be slightly different build but does that cost alone ratchet up the cost?

Tim Jackson said...

Wookie- Bring'em all goof.

Sickboy- That sounds like something we can "work on".

Anon- that's a tough one. Part of it is the cost of the belt, the ring, the cog and the frame mods. Since it is new technology and being produced in small numbers, the costs are higher. It's a combined effect of multiple factors. As the technology to produce the items improves and more people adopt it, the costs will come down due to manufacturing efficiencies.

hereNT said...

I've been calling my Masi a porn star - Chuck up at Behind Bars said when I bought the frame that it had only been built up for a photo shoot for an earlier catalog.

You guys should totally dress her up in some sexy new components and get some shots of her after she's been ridden hard for a couple years :D

Kid Riemer said...

Days too late, but on behalf of some of the Twin Cities bike brands we thought we'd provide a list of spots where you may want to shoot.

1. Mall of America...Biggest mall in the world!

2. The Metrodome. The 8,000,000th wonder of the world.

3. Sex World. Beautiful brick walls with a hint of neon light.

4. The Ford plant on West River Road. Keeping America rolling!

5. 6400 W. 105th Street

Just having some fun Tim. And we hope you are too! Enjoy your visit. Cheers.

Unknown said...

Hey Tim
I tried to find your email somewhere but couldn't. This is totally off topic but I wanted to discuss some photo ideas in San Diego. Contact me at chris@chrisgilesphoto.com and I'll elaborate on details.

Good luck in MN!