Friday, May 29, 2009

Minneapolis- in pictures

Here's a bunch of various, random pictures from Minneapolis. Since "a picture tells a thousand words"... it saves me from doing too much typing!

Spencer Haugh of the LGR team ripping through turn 4 at the NSC velodrome.

Me... in my glowing orb of bike geekness...

Track boards are amazing. The track looks and sounds beautiful!

The fish eye lens gives the image a bit more curve... but it isn't far from reality.

Me and Chuck from Behind Bars hanging with the LGR team after a night of racing at NSC- pretty danged cool!

Me staring out over the track on opening night at the NSC velodrome. It was killing me not be out there racing too!

The Behind Bars crew- Chuck (owner), Josh and Dan- the mighty wrenches!

What an amazing structure!

I love these mics! There's a reason why they are the mic of choice of SO many bands over the years.

I'm told that I make an excellent tripod- far better tripod than model...

Such a cool building! The "texture" of the building was awesome.

Pete Demos getting his photo on! The lovely Katrina was a great sport during the shoot too.

Stasiu's is apparently famous for this urinal... which is a pretty danged cool urinal.

I love this Grain Belt sign! Such an iconic symbol of Minneapolis.

That Nova looked like it hadn't moved in YEARS!

The building has now been converted to awesome lofts! How cool is that?!

I love this mural! Very cool.

Decked out and ready for a day of hauling things around and looking really pretty!

Pete getting the line of bikes before we rolled out- the Speciale LTD at the end belonged to a customer who just happened to roll up and place his bike in the line- it was pretty cool!



germaine said...

sweet shots!!! =)

Tim Jackson said...

Thanks- though the first 7 pics are by Pete Demos... he's damn good with a camera!

Super Rookie said...

Hey Tim, are you going to the Full On Quench show next week at Stasiu's?

SickBoy said...

I'm disappointed the week you came up I was taking off from racing. Woulda been great to see you again.

Also - I had a friend get married about 2 weeks ago in that foil-looking building (Weisman art museum). Pretty sweet place.

Tim Jackson said...

Wookie- FOQ rocks! Dude, you KNOW I'm getting the CD and putting it in my iTunes so I can put it in my iPod for my roller rides. With that kind of "cock and balls" rock, you can not fail!

Tim Jackson said...

Sickboy- Yeah, I'm really bummed I didn't get to see you and Gwen. We were running full speed the entire time we were there. That said- I WILL be back in Minneapolis... promise.