Monday, June 29, 2009

Good to relax

This weekend should've been more productive, after such a crazy week last week. I was bound and determined to get a bunch of work done that I wasn't able to finish during the week. We're in the midst of several major projects with overlapping deadlines, so there is no shortage of things that can lead you to have a minor aneurysm all day, every day. I left the office just shy of 9:00PM on Friday and still had plenty of work to do over the weekend- like finishing writing the catalog copy for the new catalogs that are due to be completed any second. It wasn't like I wanted to spend the weekend working, but it was clearly becoming a necessity as I left the office on Friday night.

I woke up Saturday and my lovely bride made sure that I got myself together and out on the road for a ride and she headed off to the YMCA to go for a swim (her thing is swimming). I had a great ride with one of the local groups I irregularly train with. I won't spin a yarn of epic pitched battles and sprint won by bike lengths... but I did have a great time. My legs were "OK", but not stellar. I screwed up my positioning and timing on the main sprint of the ride, so I missed out on the bragging rights (until next weekend any way). BUT... I had fun and realized my fitness is not too terrible, though not anything spectacular.

After the ride and some lunch, Ann and I headed off to a local cafe I recently turned her on to- one that I used to spend nearly every waking hour of my life in nearly 20 years ago. With coffee in my veins and free wifi, I was convinced I'd bang out the last of the catalog copy in short order... but as is frequently the case, I was distracted by my surroundings and the fantastic weather. So, rather than get any meaningful work done, we drove t othe beach and enjoyed the rest of the sunlight and then watched a very nice sunset.

Sunday was a day to sleep in a little and then we hopped on our SoulVille bikes and headed off to ride around the neighborhood and then to the Farmer's Market to get our week's worth of fruits and vegetables. Before we knew it, it was late night and I was sitting here at the dining room table finishing the catalog copy after 11:00PM... but it got done!

(Note the lock; there is only ONE BRAND of lock I trust my bikes with- period. )

In the end, contrary to my intentions to get work done in an orderly fashion, it got put aside for the weekend so I could spend time with my wife and enjoy the weekend... and THEN I scrambled my brains to get the work done! It's not the right technique for everybody... but it worked this time for me.



stickboybike said...

Beautiful pix!

You seem so happy, full circle!

Donna Tocci said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend, Tim! So glad you used the time as it was unwind and spend time with loved ones. Good for you.

BTW, love seeing the bikes locked up together. Makes me happy... :)

Kk said...

Starting to pine away for that blue-green water!