Monday, June 15, 2009

It's not you, it's me...

Hi Blog, I've missed you. I know I've neglected you a lot lately and we haven't spent much time together. I promise that will change when things settle down a little more. It's been crazy and I know that isn't an excuse. But just know that it isn't you, it's me. You are still very important to me and I promise I will show you that and do my best to make it all up to you as soon as I can get my head back above water and catch my breath. Promise.

You know I love you.


2 comments: said...

You are way too into this Web 2.0 thing. Congrats on the wedding and looking forward to your TDF reports. Drop by my site when you get a chance. I would like to get your feedback on the new user interface.

The Donut Guy said...

Gee....I think you deserve at least a week off.

I mean ya'll just got married and everything....go ahead and take some time:-)

We'll still be here:-)