Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello? Anybody there?

Ok- so I'm not dead. Promise... though I did once again try to kill myself; Saturday evening while getting ready to pack for demo, I sliced my right thumb (yes- that thumb) with a very sharp knife and spent the evening in the ER getting stitches... stoopidity is a dangerous thing.

Anyway, Interbike was awesome. Had a great time and the bikes got a great reception at both Dirt Demo and the actual show. Lots of good buzz and conversations and time spent with my friends from the industry. I was once again reminded why I love this silly business.

My brain is far too fried to recap it all, so I will simply leave you a few links for now and then I'll be back later with a more comprehensive retelling of festivities. Yes- I still love you and I hope you know I've missed you.

New stuff worth knowing about.
Little video interview.
THE coolest schwag from Interbike!


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