Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I went to Las Vegas and all I got was this stupid fatigue...

I've been totally wiped out since returning from Interbike in Las Vegas! It feels as though I'm sick, but without any other symptoms... just straight-up tiredness!

Vegas, for whatever reason, despite the upbeat mood and atmosphere was a black hole! My friend Martha lost a very valuable-to-her notebook, another acquaintance lost a wallet, my bro-ham Stevil lost his camera and my very own lovely wife lost her wallet. I knew of a few more such occurrences, but I have forgotten them at this moment (a residual effect of the black hole experience, I am sure).

Anyway... I'm still trying to regain the mental capacity to write up a proper recap of the Vegas adventures, so please be patient as I allow the battery to somewhat recharge for another day or two. I will be back... as soon as I can stop yawning and falling face first onto my laptop keyboard.



MarvinK said...

I'm just barely now starting to recover from Interbike... and I didn't even get to do the demo days! :/

Anonymous said...

sadly still no disc equipped drop bar roadie... :(