Friday, November 27, 2009


It has been at least 2 years since I've stood in the water and done some fly fishing. Tonight, taking advantage of my temporary bachelor status, I headed out to the San Diego Bay to get some saltwater fly fishing action.

The first spot proved totally unproductive so I headed towards a regularly good spot and then the hits started coming and I had a string of four fish on four casts. Once that spot stopped producing, I moved a little further down the beach and ended up with another four fish before finally calling it a night when my back and shoulder began to complain.

In the end, a night of 8 quality fish- all of which were released for another night of fun- was a very nice return to the water. The water had a slight wind chop on it when I first arrived but the wind eventually subsided and the glass returned to the water's surface and I was swallowed up the tranquility.

It's nice to be sitting here typing with some soreness in my right shoulder from a worn out arm from all the casting. It was a nice night for sure!


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