Monday, May 14, 2007

Brand Camp- The final chapter...

Here's the last of my witty banter on Brand Camp- it was three days, so three posts should be enough... I think.

A little more raditude; one for the ladies.

This is Wayne- he's my product manager. He's the guy who takes my zany BS ideas and tries to turn them into actual product... or says, "um, Tim, you can't do that without charging about $100,000.00 for each of the three bikes you're going to sell." Ying to my Yang... Stimpy to my Ren... Butthead to my Beavis... Ethel to my Lucy... you get the idea.

Pat Crosby... the other half of the Adult Product Management group. He's into knobby tires, suspension and walks on the beach at sunset, pina coladas, holding hands and walks in the rain.

This is Jill Hamilton- the other half of the Adult Brand Manager team. She's the Queen Bee of Haro MTB and is also the Bike Biz Babe (go check her out). Did I also mention she was once the top ranked female amateur downhhill racer in the US and then also raced professional downhill? Yeah, I never did that.

MEAT! Flame plus meat equals yum! (Unless you don't like meat and you're a vegetarian...)

The guy in brown is Rick Ortiz. Rick is the fella who does the graphics for Masi- which as we all know are the greatest graphics ever. (Notice how I'm getting the Double Bird from Rick and Jim... wise asses.)

I like hats. I even worked in a hat shop for about 3 years, many, many, many years ago. I coulda been a haberdasher.

The presentations were many faceted and deeply enthralling. No... really.

The head in the upper left is Tony D- our BMX brand manager. Notice that he, too, is giving me the one finger salute. Can you feel the love in the room? Also notice the vegetable platter. We are a healthy group (also, also notice the Corona next to the platter).

We ate...

... and then we bowled... well, sorta.

And there you have Brand Camp 2007... or at least all that I can tell you about. It was a great time and also very productive. Good things came from the meetings and good things will be happening with the products. Trust me on that one...



wrw said...

"Helmet ware anyone?"
Bicyclist 'Head' Run Over, No Worries -

Donna T. said...

I'm amazined that Wayne wasn't giving you any kind of salute with the craziness you probably put him through. Reserved kind of guy, eh?

Yeah! Jill was there, front and center. Cool.

Donna T. said...

Ok...end of day brain cramp...that would be 'amazed'...time to go home for the day,right??

Glen said...

as always you wear some gnarly and rad socks.... but I do not many girls that would find those socks rad... more like gakitude :P

jill hamilton said...

Yay! I actually made it into the photo gallery. :)