Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Giro d'Italia 2007- Stage 9

Yes, I know this happened yesterday and stage 10 is going now... it was a very busy day yesterday. Do you people want new bikes or not? Ok, then...

Anyway, long story short, Danilo Napolitano spoiled Petacchi's homecoming yesterday by winning the mass gallop to the line, in fine form. Napolitano, from Sicily, pulled off the impressive win in a McEwen fashion- winning without a real leadout from his own team. McEwen has made his living by this kind of sprint and managed 2nd in front of Petacchi in third. Were it not for his two stage wins already, Ale Jet might've resorted to punching a team bus (again), but he's pretty content at the moment. McEwen is obviously feeling better now and has got his legs under him again. Look for him and Hushovd in Milan for the final stage- both should be very hungry.

Today's stage, under way now, looks to be the first real test for most riders. The final climb of the day is a killer, especially as it comes at the end of a long day of rolling terrain. Don't be surprised if a few folks don't make the time cut at the end of the day... it's gonna be that hard. Expect the real contenders to step up, but most likely the final winner will be one of the lowly placed climbing experts looking to grab a win now before the real race begins between the GC contenders. DiLuca or Cunego could go for an emotional win to spook the other GC hopefuls though. Simoni, if he's got the legs, might even give it a go. Keep an eye on Dave Zabriskie too. He was profiled in VeloNews yesterday explaining how this is the first time he's ever given the GC a true push in a grand tour. Should be interesting to see what his legs do.


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