Friday, May 04, 2007

This is a must read! (There will be a quiz.)

This article by Dave Moulton is a must read. Seriously, anybody who rides a bike- especially a race bike- needs to read this to understand why a bike rides the way it does and what to expect from a bike you are riding or thinking of buying.

I mean it!



Fritz said...

I'm pretty certain I've seen that exact text elsewhere (possibly even on Moulton's blog).....

iheartbikes said...

So 1+1=3, right?

Dave Moulton said...

Hey Fritz,

You are probably right, with 116 blogs posted I am no doubt repeating myself. In addition, I wrote articles in Cycling (UK) and Velo-News 30 years ago and said much the same thing. The bicycle is such a simple machine there is only so much you can say, and the basic stuff doesn’t change much.

Only last month (April 9) I wrote about “Head angles and steering” and I’m sure parts of that got repeated, but there was definitely no copying and pasting, so not the exact text. I wrote it fresh this morning.

You must be reading it for it to sound familiar; thank you Fritz for that.

And, thank you Tim for the link, I appreciate it.


CK said...

I'm feeling pressured and I don't ride a bike...will do.