Thursday, May 31, 2007

She's 6 today!

Daddy's little Princess is 6 years old today. Well, actually at 6:34 this morning, she was 6 years old.
It's no secret that my daughter leads me around by the nose. It's also no secret that I've already started saving up my money to post bail for when I kill a boy... so let that be a warning to my 6 year old male readers.

I left work a little early so I could get to her birthday party on time... at Chuck E. Cheese (one of my least favorite places to be). Even her brother seems thrilled to be there... no wait... maybe not.
Several of the kids from her Kindergarten class showed up too.

She loves Chuck E. Cheese... it's like nails on a chalkboard to Daddy... but...

So now my little girl is one step closer to becoming a full-grown woman. I shudder at the thought because Daddys love their little girls and always want them to stay that way. I know that's silly, but "it is what it is".

Happy birthday baby girl!



mindblob said...

Hey Tim,

What a post... brought a huge smile to my face!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your little Princess ! ! ! Mine is only 15months and man, I feel connected to what you wrote here. She seems to have had a great birthday... and her Daddy seems to be the happiest of all the Daddies (just like me!).

Hello to Princess Katie from Princess Ness (of Belgium)!


Reva said...

Happy Birthday, Masidaughter! What a great smile on the pretty lady.

Tim, why don't you like CEC??? I actually like long as we go before 5pm on a weekday. Wednesdays are best cause most folks are at church! Haha! The only bummer is I have to watch the kids so I don't get to play the games...bummer.

The donut guy said...

Hah! Our daughter is 20 years old and is all done with CEC.

On the other hand.....she's 20 years old.

Her boyfriend lives in another state......lucky for him:-)

Donna Tocci said...

Oh my goodness! That last photo is priceless. She's just having a great, great time.

Happy (belated) Birthday, MasiPrincess!

Darren Zielinski said...

My son just turned 6 mid-May. Boy am I glad he's a boy. Except if he were ever to hook up with your daughter, then I'd have something to worry about. :)

As it looks anyway, he'll be hooking up with Chann McRae's daughter. They've been spotted holding hands at the weekly crits where she regularly beats my son in the one lap kids race. Or maybe he just let's her win so he can give her a flower for winning. Hmmm. Sly that one, and I had nothing to do with that!

Valeria Maltoni said...

They grow up so fast! I'm glad you are treasuring the moment. She does look a little like you, esp. in the first photograph.

Buon Compleanno, precious Masigirl ;-)

masibestfriend said...

i so can't believe that i wasn't invited to mr. cheese's, i am so not going to talk to you for like 10 minutes.

IB Rich said...

Happy Birthday, Katie!

My Sarah just turned 5 and did her first bike race last weekend in Dana Point (CA). It was a Shimano Youth Series race and she loved it (and the cool medal she won - thanks, Shimano!).

When is Katie joining the racing circuit? Maybe Katie and Sarah could do a TTT at Fiesta Island this summer...

Also, any mini-Masis in your plans? I was amazed at how many kid-sized road bikes I saw at the race.

Daivd (The FredCast) said...

Enjoy these years while you can, Tim. My oldest daughter came home from her last day as an 8th grader yesterday and announced, "now I am officially a freshman in high school."

Of course, she left out the part about going to a coed school next year instead of the girls' school she's been attending for the past two.

Heaven help me!

Toby said...

MasiPrincess .. Donna I love it. Better than Masidaughter. Shows she's much her own person .. as if she ever was not!
Happy Birthday MasiPrincess. Thanks for the great photos Tim.

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