Saturday, May 12, 2007

This one time, at Brand Camp...

Brand Camp wrapped up on Thursday, after 3 days of talking all things related to the branding, marketing and "stategery" of the Haro family of brands. Like last year's inaugural meeting, it was good to get out of the office and the usual confines of the Global Headquarters (of Total World Domination) and away from the phones, email and typical distractions of a normal day. It's a worn cliche, but getting outside of your normal confines can really free up your thoughts and get the creative powers into full gear. In other words... it was cool.

It was kinda warm on the way out... that is, if you consider 102 to be warm (versus really freakin' hot).A little Daily Drive action... a black shirt on a really hot day- true sign of genius.

These "ICY" signs are all over the mountain and just crack me up- considering it was over 100 in the valley and in the upper 70's on the mountain. Looks icy, doesn't it?

I did my usual ride around the lake when I got there...

Dig the new team kit- Team Becher+. Representin', yo!

I've been working on my raditutde too. It shows. I have a lot of raditude. Almost too much, really.
Ok, that's all for now... installment number two later... it just keeps getting better, too.

Tim (Master of Raditude)


Whistler said...

Those familiar with "Thrasher" skateboard magazine will instantly associate the "One footed wheelie grind" in full gear and road cleats with the infamous "Poseur of the Month" section. So sweet.

changuito said...

Sweet kit!