Thursday, May 03, 2007

Perry-Roubaix 2007- Christian Parrett

I have been meaning to post this for far too long, but dig the picture;

That's Christian Parrett- son of Dave Parrett from Thomson- and he races on a Masi Gran Criterium. He's still a junior and is ripping legs off the Southeast peloton. Remember his name... you'll be reading it again in the future.

This shot is of Christian exiting the last section of dirt road during this year's Perry-Roubaix in Georgia- which he won. (Sounds like an epic race and I might have to start training for the '08 edition.)

Congrats again... even if a little late.


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Anonymous said...

Christian rules and hurt the pros as a ride leader at our training camp hosted by his dad and the great Thomson Co.
Anyhow, he is ours. Don't even think it. Christian will be camo clad (most-likely) in 2008. Hands off!