Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial (Daddy) Day

Today was a special day for me, not just because I had the day off on a Monday (yippee), but because I got to go for a ride with my daughter. The Princess really likes riding in the trailer with me- though she's not far from being too tall to ride in it for much longer. (Next will be a Trail-a-Bike for her, I guess.)

Here we are getting ready to head down the street.

You can see she has enough headroom, but not by too much. This might be her last year in the trailer.

Here, she's making sure Daddy remembered to put her snacks and water bottle in the side pocket where she can get to them easily while Daddy suffers to drag her around.

It's like a Daily Drive... only you can't actually see her.

She's in there, beneath the vinyl windscreen- she got cold because Daddy was going "too fast"... her words, not mine.
First with the eyes closed...

... then with the her eyes open. Notice Rainbow Bear clutched under her arm. He/ she/ it goes everywhere with her... even on bike rides with Daddy. Ever since she was just a year old, Rainbow has been on every ride in the trailer she's ever been on.

I know the bike isn't quite her size, but she does like Daddy's bikes. Notice the aircraft carrier in the background. It is one of the many stationed here in San Diego. The men and women on these ships have helped to keep it possible for me to ride my bike freely with my daughter. I never lose sight of that reality. Thank you, to all who have served- especially those who have paid the ultimate price. To them and their families, I say thank you.

Katie took this one- not bad for her first ever picture. Note- I have one of those cameras that adds 20... no, 50 pounds.
In spite of towing 45 lbs of daughter and another 40+ lbs of trailer and goodies, Daddy had a damned good time (as well as one of helluva workout).



James said...

Sounds like a great father/daughter ride. You will both love the trail-a-bike. We get a lot of use out of ours.

Tim Grahl said...

Glad you had a great ride!

But you gotta teach her how to pose with the Masi... she's got her hands over the logo!

Anonymous said...

That is the coolest thing ever . . . . a trailer on a freakin' 3 f-in VC?!!
I am trailer hunting now. What do you suggest? Burley? I want a dark one to match the super-sweet DelSol you hooked me up with. Let me know.


changuito said...

Great post, Tim. Next you may even want to get one of those 'long bikes' instead of a Trail a bike. Surly is coming out with one soon and Scott out at Fraser Cycles makes them in La Mesa. I mean, after all, 'The Princess' should never be expected to pedal, she had people to do that for her. See you at the track tonight?

Donna T. said...

What a great way to spend a holiday! I'm sure Masidaughter had a great time going 'too fast' with her dad.

Ah..the San Diego waterfront view...there is nothing like it to remind us that there are brave people out there watching out for us all as you did so nicely said here. Thank you.

Bernie said...

Way to get the "Prototype" in the pictures there... though I'm a little surprised you didn't photoshop the Trek logos off the trailer.

CT- I think Burley makes the nicest trailers. They're a little pricier than others, but IMO they're worth the extra money.

MasiGuy- Perhaps one of Masi's new products for '09 should be a road geek's trail-a-bike; 23c tires, 36cm drop bars with dummy hoods, Dura Ace down tube shifters, etc... Just thinking about it makes me want one, and I don't even have kids yet. I'd buy one just to haul other people's kids around.

Reva said...

Great pix, Tim! Masidaughter looks so pretty with the waterfront in the back!

I have a camera that adds fifty pounds too.....

wrw said...

"Purchase a lighter camera!" :)
Seriously, equipped my sisters bike-trailer combination with an 'In-Step' (Schwinn logo) trailer-stroller product.
Purchased for a reasonable cost, works well.
Note: Burley was first choice until they 'offshored' their wares last year.
(Believe they were acquired by another company.)

al said...

I don't think there is a better bike ride than a ride with your kids.

Fritz said...

Awwww, that's very very nice. Both of my kids and I have had very nice rides with the trailer like that.

San Diego Fixed said...

That's CVN 76, the Reagan, in the background.