Saturday, April 26, 2008

Athens Twilight Criterium 2008

Tonight is the Athens Twilight Criterium- arguably one of the most important crits of the year in the US. Outside of the national championships, Athens is pretty much the jewel in the crown of US crit racing.

Last year, the race was won by A&F/ Inferno rider Mark Hekman abourd his Masi 3VC. Mark is now riding for the Toshiba team, but Inferno is coming to the race packing some serious talent and is ready to retain ownership of the Athens title;
- Marco Aledia (USA)
- Jim Baldesare (USA)
- Josh England (NZL)
- Jaime Gandara (MEX)
- Bennet van der Genugten (USA)
- Rich Harper (USA)
- Jeff Hopkins (AUS)
- Matt Winstead (USA)

The team is ULTRA motivated and is ready to show the field that last year's wins were all well-earned.

The field is going to be stacked with talent from all the best crit racing teams in the US... but Inferno is among the very best- anywhere! Besides... riding on the 3VC Team Issue, how can they not repeat?

In just a few hours time, we'll know who this year's Athens winner is. Keep your eyes on the guys in the pinstripes... they're gonna be providing the pain!



jro said...

Damnit, MG
I'm so close yet so far.
My friend from St. Pete has skipped out of the Tour de Georgia to go race.
I'll get there one day.
Hiawassee, GA

Roman Holiday said...

I linked you up to KISL. Nice site you have here.

James said...

Funny, I just mentioned that race in a post today. It has been a long time since I have done it, but it is a great race. I definitly have some great memories of the Twilight Criterium and of Athens in general.