Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Monday!

Having a bit of a rough start to the week this week, when this popped into my inbox a little while ago;

There is a new comment on the post "Exclusive First Look: Masi SoulVille SS".

Author: Craig


I live a long way from any Masi dealers and despite numerous entreaties, was unable to get my LBS to stock them, so my year long search for a new commuter went a different way last month.

However, last week, I was on a rare road trip and saw a bike shop and pulled over (as I sometimes do) and there right in front of me when I walked in the front door, was a gorgeous cream colored Soulville. Holy crap it is indeed sweeter in the flesh than in pictures. Then around the corner stood a black one, and a Speciale Commuter. I can unequivocally tell you right now that my next bike will be a Masi.

Maybe the SS Soulville...

If you've never been to Commute by Bike, you should go check it out... and not just because people sometimes say nice things about Masi. It's a great site and it is under the umbrella of my good friend Tim Grahl- the Rupert Murdoch of cycling websites.

Thanks Craig... you just made the Masiguy's day!



Tim Grahl said...

Well those are some kind words. I'm just glad people are reading the sites! One day I'll be near as cool as that Masi Guy!

Josh Sawyer said...

Hi! I was reading up on the Masi Soulville and I found that you are... well, you're the Masiguy! Are the Soulville SSs in stock at U.S. dealers now? I'm in Orange County, California (Huntington) and saw a few Speciales at a local dealer, but no Soulvilles. :(

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Josh- they are in stock (if they ordered them). They have been selling very well, so supply has been outpaced by demand so far. But if we have them in stock, they can ship to any shop in 24-48hrs.

AND... they rock!

Josh Sawyer said...

Great to hear, Tim! Hey, maybe I'm being dense, but does the SS also have a coaster rear brake? And does it come in the pea green color only? Thanks again! I'm going to put in an order for either the standard or SS Soulville tomorrow.

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

No denseness; it is a fixed/ free with flip-flop hub... but no coaster brake. It has a front hand brake though.

Super fun to ride... not that I'm biased...