Sunday, April 27, 2008

That's a wrap!

So the weekend is done now. Came and went without much sound or fury, but it was a good one just the same.

Went for a nice ride both Saturday and Sunday with Masibestfriend. Both days the pace was nice and painless. Since neither of us have had the chance to ride a whole lot the past couple weeks, it was nice to get out and just log some miles and talk. Due to my schedule and my geography, relative to my teammates, I spend the bulk of my training time alone... so riding with my "brother from another mother" is always something of a special occasion.

Both days were ridden at a nice, mellow pace but we did hit a few hills along the way and also rode a little "tempo" in a few spots... just because. As is always the case too, when we get together to ride, we do poke each other a little... but just a little. I have to say that it is nice to see him getting stronger all the time. He's getting closer to being officially ready to be my leadout man. The next phase is going to be working on the 2-man team time trial. Then he'll be a Flying Squirrel!

The Masidaughter had a great weekend with her mother and played all day at the beach today... which is her favorite place on earth. She LOVES the beach and the water and is a true child of the sun. I picked her up today and she was glowing from her day at the beach. She got a little pink from the sun, so a little Aloe lotion should do the trick. She's sleeping now... snoring loudly from her exhaustion. Her brother, Masison, is looking like a shaggy almost-sixteen-year-old... which totally freaks me out. I mean... 16? 16! I'm just not ready... NOT READY. But he's a great young man and I know I have little to worry about... but I do anyway. Ugh...

If all goes well and I can get organized enough to manage my time and prepare in advance (which is always a bit suspect), I'm going to try to get to the track and race again this week. Masidaughter loves going to the track and has been asking when we can go again (another reason why I love her so much). Squirrel is my Team Director and dropped off a new long sleeve skinsuit this weekend, so I have a little added motivation to get out and race.

I'm not sure if it is a good or bad thing that we have a new weight bench at work now. My boss, Joe Hawk, has allowed us to create a little fitness center in the warehouse- "Average Joe's"... straight out of Dodge Ball. It currently consists of just a very nice weight bench, a bunch of weights and several dumbbells and curl bars. But... the bench also includes a very simple leg extension apparatus... which spells trouble for me. Given the chance, if I could, I'd move my desk down to the fitness area now. I am totally addicted to leg extensions. I am powerless to resist the allure of sitting down and popping off a couple quick sets of extensions any time I am down in the warehouse... or have a free moment. A guy I used to have some serious sprint races against, and who once rode for the National team, told me that "old sprinters never die, they just lift more weights". I thought it was kinda stupid at the time, but now I identify with it far more than I'd like to. I'm either going to have some massive quads soon, or I'm going to shoot my knee caps across the warehouse and have to use a walker. Not sure which is in my future yet. Thank God we don't have an incline leg press!

Tomorrow morning is the beginning of yet another week of much business. I hope you all enjoyed your weekends as much as I tried to. Here's to Monday delivering a mercifully easy week!



Anonymous said...

hey Tim,

why not convince Joe Hawk to get one of our G Force UT's that have electronic watts and heart rate based training? you could turn into even more of an animal with some secret indoor training! it would be a nice addition to your fitness room.

Kk said...

Word to the wise - stay away from leg extensions. Over time they destroy your knees. The shin bone is not designed to push weight from that angle. Resist! Resist!

blue squirrel said...

it was fun and completely hot this weekend. i am a bit knackered from all the excitement and heat. pictures on the way, even some of my confederate solider hallucinations on top of mt. soledad. once again i have to warn everyone of tim's size, he flies no matter the angle of the road. i believe the lead out train will be hammering at full speed come january. make us proud'r come tuesday. oh, mom says hi.