Sunday, April 20, 2008

Earth Day 2008

Today was the local celebration of Earth Day- though it is officially on 4/22 (Tuesday).

Masidaughter and I rode the bike to the park today to participate in the Earth Day parade at Balboa Park with her school again this year. Needless to say, the levels of cuteness were off the charts and could not possibly be measured.

The Princess traded in her crown for some face paint- which she did herself- so she could be a tiger today... even though the school's "official" agenda was saving the oceans (it was hilarious hearing her scream "save the oceans" from behind me, all the while dressed like a tiger).



Donna T. said...

Way, way cute!

Random guy in the parade crowd said...

It was great to see you in the parade. Unfortunately, the photo I took had the quality of a big foot sighting, otherwise I would send it your way.

As I've said before, it's always great to see you in the wild (and now with Masi daughter)!


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Donna- Oh yes. It was priceless. She's a great little tiger... Katie Kat.

Random/ Rich- That was YOU? How funny. It was so funny to hear the shout from the crowd, "MASIGUY!"

wrw said...

"Obviously MASIDAUGHTER obtained her 'wooks' from MASIMOM!" :-)
My local MASI dealer states this 'down' economy is generating welcome increased sales.
Enjoy 'distance' biking but your located on the opposite coast and this is NOT 'Forest Gump'!

Anonymous said...

Masiguy, just ran across this tidbit on Ebay:

I like checking out Masi stuff there since I do sell your stuff. Anyway, whats the scoop here? Abandoned frame, new line? Seller said came from factory in Taiwan after Masi canceled order on frame. Some have local company decals in place of the Masi decals slated to go on the frames. Maybe not you but I was surprised at the frame design, as it did not reflect the classic stylings of the company.

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Anon- that must be Masi Italy (Alberto Masi) because that is nothing I've ever seen. It doesn't match any design we've ever had. Sorry to disappoint.

blue squirrel said...

the italian BB should be a dead give away that no one wanted this frame, what a waste of precious carbon reserves.

Kk said...

Glad you made the big fest for E-Day! Cute li'l tiger you got there. I've got to get a suit like that to ride in - ought to keep the road interesting!

Pete Rahon said...

cute, tiger in an ocean... hehehe happy earth day, hapi ocean day, happy masi-bicycle day, happy birthday to Buddha ! thanks for the visit!