Friday, April 11, 2008

Here now...

Sitting in the hotel room with my first roomie- Brian Hayman (our Western Regional Sales Manager)- getting bikes built and ready for a short ride this morning. 2nd roomie- James Ayres (our Eastern Regional Sales Manager) shows up a bit later today.

In a few hours we'll be at the rider expo to pick up our rider packets and help the fine folks at Sun & Ski with their efforts for the day. The community of riders for the MS150 is pretty amazing- people riding for fun and for a cure to the disease that hits so many people. As I've said, I have an aunt who I am very close to with the disease- Joan- and I'm riding for her again this year. Her strength will be all I need for two days of riding. And my story is only one of more than 13,000 that will be told in the coming days. I've heard from one man who is riding in memory of his son- he rode the event for years and loved it, but was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. It is the stories like these that make this event so special for me. I look forward to seeing everybody out on the roads over the next few days.

I got my bike built up and then went for a short ride last night to loosen up the legs. It felt great to ride- even if around 10:00PM on a busy Houston street with very little shoulder- but I'd forgotten just how humid it is here. A short 45 minute ride had me drenched!

Ok, time to get ready to ride again and then get cleaned up for the expo.


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Donna T. said...

Go Tim Go!! Thanks for all you are doing to help beat MS. Our family is doing an MS Walk here in Massachusetts on Saturday, too. Together we'll all make a big difference in how research is done to help get rid of this terrible disease.

Safe riding!