Thursday, April 24, 2008


There is something perfect about a nighttime training ride; something about the darkness mutes the sound and fury of life.

I got out for a short ride, just about an hour, on the bike tonight. I tossed a blinky onto the back of the bike and headed out for a good ride. My old front light is dead, so I relied on streetlights and passing cars to see the road. And in a few places I didn't see the road at all... which is never good. Still, it was great to get out and ride.

I rode through the neighborhood, down a good hill, along a freeway frontage road, around a major mall, down by the bay, back by the mall, up a nasty leg-busting hill, back through the neighborhood, into downtown, back up the hill into the neighborhood and then back to the homestead. It was only a tad over an hour and was likely only about 15 or so miles, but it was a great ride just the same. I powered up hills, I drove up and over the false flats, I sprinted through traffic and let the sweat pour down my face and neck. All I heard was the sound of tires on asphalt and the chain running smoothly over cogs and rings. In essence- it was heaven.

After a few days of feeling worn down and beaten up, it felt great to feel like "a rider" again.

Sometimes it is the little things that make a difference.

Best of all, I came home to find this in my email;

There is a new comment on the post "Exclusive First Look: Masi SoulVille SS".

Author: Bob from Santa Fe


Picked up my new Soulville 8-speed yesterday in antique Beige. Everything you guys said about this bike was completely true. It's gorgeous, fun to ride and the quality of the build is unbelievable. I had a front brake added to mine which is really handy in traffic. Added a Topeak Explorer rack and their nifty slide-in slide-out bag and it looks great outfitted that way. Nice mount for my rear light on the Topeak rack as well. It all looks very "OEM'ish".

So add me to the inumerable MASI fans out there. I just turned 58 and this is my first bike in years, but it's like they say, you don't ever forget how to ride. Of course, never had a bike this good before. I remember coaster brakes of course, but the one on this bike really has great stopping power.

Thanks Masi !

I'm telling you, if that doesn't just fill you full of peacefulness... then you must be dead.


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wrw said...

"Around these parts you WILL end up in a roadside ditch riding at night!"
Recommend 'quality' lighting wares.
Suggestion, 'flash' that Blinky at ALL times while riding your MASI on road.
Does help keeping cars and trucks off you!
DUCATI WSBK rider Troy Bayliss crashed yesterday (presumed riding a BIANCHI 'Ducati' Special) 'over the bars' fitness riding in Monaco.
Riding 'no hands' while approaching an 'uncovered' manhole will catch you every time.
Tough fellow though, leads pole qualifying today aboard his motorcycle at the Assen circuit in Holland.