Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's over and I'm cooked!

The BPMS150 is done! I rode over 175 miles in 2 days and it sure feels like it. I'm not a big mileage guy anymore, so it wore me out... on top of not being able to train for such distance, etc... and on top of riding through some insanely strong Texas winds for much of both days.

It was a great ride and I saw lots of Masi bikes on the road, which always makes my heart skip a beat. Had a great time with Brian and James on the ride as well. A full report will follow soon, but I am just too tired to write anything right now.

The 3 Stooges at the start of Day One...

The 3 Stooges at the start of Day Two...

One, solo Stooge somewhere in the middle of beautiful Texas farmland!

Full details coming soon... I promise. Tomorrow I fly back to San Diego with Brian. James is staying a few days more to visit dealers with our local sales rep Nathan Frazier.

For now... bed!



Donna T. said...


stickboybike said...

Thanks for sharing. Riding for your Aunt and the local shop, they are very lucky to have you on their side. Be well!

Anonymous said...

"Just a good stretch of the legs"
Sorry, my improved MASI is 'doing miles' addressing observed maladies.
Daily testing continues, rest up 'young' man as GREAT wares are forthcoming! :-)