Thursday, July 28, 2005

Before I forget... again.

Just so I don't get any more disgruntled emails and comments here, I just have to take a moment to go over the incredible accomplishment of Ondrej Sosenka on July 19th in Moscow.

This 29 year old Czech rider broke Chris Boardman's Hour Record by 259 meters (49.70K). Holy Crap! (Or unholy crap, depending on your views.) That's beyond impressive. Hell, I get dizzy and want to puke trying to ride a simple 4K Pursuit. Essentially, Ondrej road 12 Pursuits all at once... and I don't recall reading anywhere that he was crying either.

One of my favorite bits of info from his historic ride is the front wheel; it weighed 3.2kg. This was slower accelerating, but stayed rolling easier and took less energy to maintain momentum. How cool is that?

So, Ondrej- congratulations on an historic ride that should stand for quite a while.


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Anonymous said...

Amazing how this got like no press. and he did it "Merckx-style". Old school all the way.

Remond me to dissect my washing machine. I need to build an hour record bike.