Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Frame repair question from last week.

I received a frame repair question last week while I was away from any internet service and just wanted to post an answer for the inquirer and for anybody else curious about the issue.

I highly recommend two different people and both are former builders/ painters for Masi California and are in the San Diego County area. Both of these guys do showroom quality restorations that will make your head spin.

Jim Cunningham at CyclArt is considered one of the very finest in the restoration business, as is Brian Baylis at Vintage Cycle Studios. Either of these two places can do anything from a simple paint job to repairing and replacing tubes in the frame. I'd hate to choose between either because they both do work that absolutely blows my mind. The gallery of photos on their sites is totally unreal.

So there's your answer for restoration questions!


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