Sunday, July 03, 2005

Tour Repor; Stage 2

Has anybody else noticed that Boonen makes winning races look easy? I've tried winning like him, but I keep coming up short. You know, I'd be willing to bet that McEwen could have won that sprint if he'd been riding a Masi (that's one).

Zabriskie, as expected, retains the race lead and the yellow jersey. Boonen slips into green (anybody else seeing an Incredible Hulk reference here?) and now has the rest of the sprinters gunning for him.

Little man Thomas Voeckler, the engine that could from last year's Tour, was in an early break today and I have to admit I wouldn't have been too upset if he'd taken yellow away from Dave. His gutsy battle to defend yellow last year was very cool and he came across as a "real" guy who just happened to be leading the race. I dunno... I kind of like that.

Zabriskie in yellow and Boonen in green; the Tour youth movement is in full swing at the moment. I think the future of the sport is looking pretty good with the crop of young riders in the peloton.

I kind of like this race so far.


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