Monday, June 26, 2006

Interbike has a blog!

I know that I am late to this particular party, but I just have to extend a big welcome to the folks at Interbike (the bike industry's biggest trade show- for those who are unaware of it). They have begun a blog and it really looks pretty cool too. I haven't punched through everything yet, but so far I really like the basic format and look of things. Regardless of the looks and function, it is a blog operated by and all about Interbike. To me, this is one of the biggest bits of news in the industry this year, when thinking of blogging and/ or other social media forms.

I am considered one of the senior bike industry bloggers by a bunch of folks, which I take as a huge compliment while also finding it pretty funny. So I think it is important to support this new blog and steer some traffic their way because I believe it is a big step in the right direction for the industry as a whole and will hopefully help steer a few more people from the industry side of the sport into blogging. So, regardless of what some folks might think about the look and feel of their site, I am thrilled to see them come to the table and eat.

Please help me welcome Interbike Times to the blogosphere, or Bikeosphere if you wish.

Here's to hoping you stick around a while and have as much fun as the rest of us... and maybe even get together for a drink at Interbike... nudge, nudge, wink, wink...


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Anonymous said...

Tim, thanks for the offer. I would love to have you buy me a beer at Interbike!

Thanks for the kind words about our new blog. We have alot of plans for it as a valuable resource to the industry and community at large. We'll be evolving what the blog is as we go along and as all the members of our IB team get more accustomed to the medium. Hopefully more than one of us will become active in the greater "bikeosphere" as well.

We're starting off by focusing on the 25th Anniversary aspect and asking for memories, recolections and photos of past Interbikes by exhibitors, attendees and staff.

I just found a bunch of great classic photos going back to the '86 show in Reno. I'm going to start getting these up little by little.
Here's an interesting piece of IB history that I found out about in the photo archives: Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke at the '92 show in Anaheim?