Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Masi at the '06 Giro...

I have been meaning to share this great stuff for weeks now, but it has slipped from the fractured thing I call my mind for weeks now. (Let me just say that this year's catalog is going to be our best ever... but I can't wait for the damned thing to be done.)

Chris Lane, who runs Experience Cycling in Vancouver Canada, and his wife traveled to Italy for the Giro. Chris created a wonderful photo diary of the trip and took his Masi 3VC Dura Ace along for the ride as well.

It's worth taking a few minutes and clicking through the images. My favorite, of course, is the first picture on the May 26th photo gallery page (that would be Gilberto Simoni's brother-in-law staring at the Masi)...

Anyway, as we head into the second Grand Tour of the season, I hope you'll take a moment to check out the wonderful pictures that Chris took. There are lots of really cool ones to look at and it almost makes up for him not inviting me to go along with him.

(PS- Chris, I'm looking forward to seeing you in Montreal again this year.)

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dan23dan23 said...

Those are nice wheels on that bike too. Who's are they and where can I buy a pair?